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🙉Together we monkey.

Team Can WAN is Born

Today is one of those days where you do anything anything kenot. Normally those days would go well for climbing. But today climbing also kenot 🤷🏻‍♀️.

Anyway, me and two friends decided to go for BoulderActive team event this year. Cuz we feel like to <3 And here we are the world's most difficult problem -- naming our team.

Here's what we've gone through

  • team wu ming
  • team don't crimp that
  • team don't crimp that 🙄🙄🙄 <- by the guy who crimps that
  • team Drop Knees Not Bombs?
  • team jugs please
  • team why so hard
  • team what are those?
  • team ho wan
  • team mo thy
  • team can WAN
  • team mid (timid)
  • team ber lands

Apparently my friends got 🦄 in their heads.

Eventually, we decided to go with team can WAN. Precisely, it's not team can WAN, it's team can waaaaaaaaaa~n. It's a Singaporean thing and rest of the night goes to me trying to get that can waaaaaaaaaaaan right. I think they tried to fill my head with some tens ways of saying can, can? can lor, kenot, can meh, can waaaaaaaaaan liddat but I dun think I remember anything except for can waaaaaaaaaan.

  • Can?
  • Can waaaaaaaaaaaan